Osteopathy is a holistic form of therapy that uses the hands of the therapist for diagnosis and treatment. Its most important basic principles are the body functioning as an entity, its ability of self-regulation and self-healing and the interdependence of structure and function.


Holistic Kinesiology

Physioenergetics is a holistic diagnostic and therapeutic concept based on kinesiology. In the 1960s the American Dr. Goodheart noticed correlations between the power of specific muscles and pathologies in attributed organs and functional units. [more]


Eine von Dr. Klinghardt entwickelte Methode zur Behandlung von emotionalen und psycho-somatischen Problemen und Symptomen. [more]

Leistungsoptimierung und Analytik im Sport

In today’s world performance is measured in terms of clearly defined values. Usually there are numerous probable and improbable reasons of why someone has a lack of or reduced performance. [more]

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